Happy Hampshire sellers had this to share about me...

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

"Cheri was very thorough with explaining what she would do for us to get our house sold in the shortest time possible with out putting our house price lower than the market price of comparable houses .

Cheri was always on top of things. She communicated very well with showings and feed back of the showings.

Cheri is an outstanding Realtor. Anyone who lists with her will be happy with her work ethic. She is there for you 100%.

We have recommended her to friends and family and will continue to do so. We would have her sell our property again.

Cheri was very personable and understanding to our needs."

Carole & John Tennessee (Seller)
5 months ago"

- Carole and John D Hampshire IL

Relocating to Florida this West Dundee seller made my day with this review

"98%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

"Cheri did an outstanding job of staying on course throughout the process and making sure things that had deadlines were met. I sucked at the follow-up on events but Cheri did not let things slip and did it without getting upset. Very professional."

John Galluppi, Cape Coral, Florida (Seller)
7 months ago"

- John Galluppi, Cape Coral, Florida (Seller)

A happy family in Pingree Grove shared this...

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

"Cheri Santay-Panzloff went extra miles to get us our dream house, when I needed information about the school district , she has all readily for us and even gave recommendation in other district so we can compare.

one thing I like about Cheri, is her large heart for people, she is always willing to help no matter what. At a point , I felt I was bothering her alot because I could not decide on any property every time we went out, but Cheri was very patient with me and very very helpful.

I would recommend Cheri Santay-Panzloff to any one because she is 100% efficient, trustworthy, polite, patient, knowledgeable and caring.

Let Cheri Santay-Panzloff handle all your house hunting, and you will never regret. You will be glad to have her.

Love you Cheri Santay-Panzloff!!!"

Shakira Olanrewaju, Pingree-Grove illinois
5 Months ago

- Shakira Olanrewaju, Pingree-Grove illinois

Another happy Buyer and Seller in Hampshire I had the pleasure of working with had this to say...

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

"Cheri did a great job. All our questions were answered. I will tell all my friends if they want to buy or sell call Cheri."

F. Marwig, 60140 (Buyer and Seller)
6 months ago"

- Fred and Carol Marwig, Hampshire IL

Look what Karen in Carpentersville had to say..

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

"Cheri Santay Panzloff is the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the very first phone call, I knew she was a truly genuine person and cared about what was important to me. The entire process of finding a rental property from beginning to end was a lot less stressful knowing I was working with someone the was professional, knowledgable and loves her job 100%. I cannot thank her enough for all of her help."

Karen Crump Carpentersville, IL
6 months ago"

- Karen Crump Carpentersville, IL

A wonderful tenant experience was shared with me in Hampshire...

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

"Cheri was great with guiding us through the rental experience!! I felt comfortable doing business with her which is sometimes hard to find! She was very open and honest with us and we truly appreciate all of her help! We would definitely recommend Cheri to friends and family and we will for sure be looking to buy our house with Cheri when the time comes!"

Rebecca Waters, Hampshire
7 months ago"

- Rebecca Waters, Hampshire (tenant)

A Wonderful first time home buyer gave me the best rating I could ask for

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

A Buyer rated Cheri Santay-Panzloff
6 months ago"

- Kelly McCarty, Sycamore IL (Buyer)

First time buyer in Pingree Grove was kind to share her rating of me

"100%Satisfaction 100%Performance 100%Recommendation

A Buyer rated Cheri Santay-Panzloff
3 months ago"

- Meghan K, Pingree Grove IL